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Security officer comes to the aid of woman in distress

Armed response officers are not always just asked to respond to acts of crime and criminality. Sometimes, it includes coming to the aid of someone in medical distress as a recent incident in Hermanus shows.

“One of our officers was dispatched to an address in Vermont after we received a call from a resident pleading for our help. She described how she just had arrived at her mother’s house and was unable to reach her. The resident was deeply worried about her mom’s well-being,” explains Marius Boshoff, Hermanus branch manager for Fidelity ADT.

Officer Ian Cooke arrived at the address where he was met by the caller, and he saw that the house in question was closed up and burglar bars in place. Together with the daughter, they realised that something was wrong and they needed to gain access to the house to investigate further.

“They decided that they needed to break one of the windows to get a better look inside the house. It was at this point that officer Cooke saw the mom where she appeared to be lying injured on the kitchen floor,” says Boshoff.

“Fortunately the keys to the front door and security gate was visible on the inside next to the front door, and Officer Cooke was able to force the door open and get access to the keys. Once inside the house he could assess the situation and realised that emergency medical assistance was required. He contacted our monitoring centre and asked for an ambulance to be deployed.”

The mom was transported to the Hermanus Medi-Clinic for treatment, where it was determined that she had broken her hip.

“Well done to Officer Cooke for going the extra mile. I am proud of how he assisted the resident and made sure that medical aid was dispatched as quickly as possible. Our officers are trained to handle any kind of situation, and I am very happy to see when this training pays off. We wish the resident a speedy recovery,” says Boshoff.



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