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Armed response officers helped in the apprehension of five suspects in connection with four separate incidents of theft and robbery across Hermanus in recent weeks.

In the first incident, an armed response officer from Fidelity ADT located and apprehended a suspect that was allegedly involved in a house robbery in Sandbaai. In the aftermath of the incident a stolen flat-screen TV was recovered.

A few days later Fidelity ADT armed response officers responded to a security alarm activation in Westcliff. In the process of responding to the security alert they saw a suspicious vehicle, which they stopped to search. The vehicle was filled with stolen items, and its two occupants handed over into police custody.

In the third incident a suspect was apprehended after he allegedly broke into a house in Fynbos Street. A patrolling Fidelity ADT armed response officer had a description of the suspect, and while on patrol he came across a man matching this description, successfully apprehending him and handing him over to police.

In the fourth incident an armed response officer from Fidelity ADT was responding to a security alarm activation in High Street, when he heard shouts coming from a property across the road.

The armed response officer went to investigate and found there was an armed robbery in progress. The armed response officer managed to apprehend a suspect, and to seize the firearm which he was carrying. The suspect was later handed over into police custody.

“Well done to our officers for their hard work in keeping the people of Hermanus safe,” says Marius Boshoff, branch manager for Fidelity ADT in Hermanus.


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