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Sedgefield suspect arrested after trespassing

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A suspect was arrested in Sedgefield recently after trespassing at a home in the area. It was later established that the suspect in question is well-known to local law enforcement and security agencies as a repeat offender.

Fidelity ADT armed response officer Phakamisa Kakaza was dispatched to an alarm activation in Waxberry Street (at around 1pm on Thursday 7 June 2018). A member of the public pointed out the alleged suspect to the officer as he was approaching the scene, and despite an attempt to escape he was apprehended.

“Our officers use a communication system which removes the need for a phone call from our monitoring centre to alert them to an incident. Instead, they receive an automatic signal which immediately sends them to the address where they are needed,” says Fidelity ADT branch manager for the Garden Route, Steven Green.

The suspect was handed over into the custody of the SAPS, on a charge of trespassing.

The Sedgefield Neighbourhood Watch welcomed the arrest.

“Thanks to Officer Kakaza’s prompt reaction time and vigilance, a known felon is now in police custody. The continued support and assistance from Fidelity ADT is invaluable and much appreciated by the Sedgefield community. We hope that we can continue with this type of support in trying to keep Sedgefield a safer place for the entire community,” says Michael Simon, chair of the Sedgefield Neighbourhood Watch.


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