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Several suspects apprehended by HPP guards

The Hermanus Public Protection (HPP) team has been hard at work again, apprehending a number of suspects in around town in connection with cases of alleged theft and burglary.

“Safety in Hermanus is a team effort, and I must salute the hard work and dedication shown by the HPP team members. We are a proud of their work,” says Marius Boshoff, branch manager for Fidelity ADT in Hermanus.

“The HPP officers are consistently making apprehensions, many of them based on incidents in the CBD. They are equipped and trained to deal with any crime related incident and work with the support and backup of our Fidelity ADT armed response officers.”

In the first incident, a neighbourhood watch member notified the Fidelity ADT control room of two suspects fleeing with a pair of shoes and a jacket. One of the HPP officers in the vicinity was joined by a neighbourhood watch member in giving chase, and managed to apprehend both suspects. They were both handed over into police custody, on a charge of shoplifting.

In the second incident, another HPP officer reported that he saw a suspect being chased by a local shop owner down Long Street. The officer quickly intervened, apprehending the alleged suspect while also ensuring the safety of the chasing shop owner.

Boshoff says he has empathy for business owners and residents who are tired of crime and have thought of taking matters into their own hands. “But I strongly advise against taking that step. The suspects could be armed and dangerous and you could be putting your life at risk. Security officers and armed response officers are trained and equipped to deal with this situation.”

The suspect in this case eventually apprehended, and found to have two stolen speakers in his possession. The shop owner identified it as his property.

In a third incident, an HPP officer spotted a suspect carrying a flat screen television at the local taxi rank. The suspect started acting very nervously when he saw the officer, and disappeared into a nearby bathroom.

“The officer notified the HPP control room asking for backup, while he went to investigate. He found the suspect inside the bathroom with the TV. When police arrived, they took the suspect into custody for the alleged possession of stolen property,” says Boshoff.

“We would like to thank and congratulate all the HPP officers for these arrests. I also encourage business owners and residents to regularly test their alarm and security systems, to make sure they are working properly. If you have any doubt, you can contact our team for a free assessment.”


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