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Specialised Response Unit launched in Durban

Fidelity ADT recently launched Specialised Response Unit (SRU) teams in Durban in an effort to further address crime concerns experienced by residents.

“We realise the importance of staying one step ahead of the criminal element within our operational footprints, and believe that the Specialised Response Unit teams will make a positive impact in decreasing and addressing specific crime levels identified in areas of concern,” says Fidelity ADT’s District Manager for KwaZulu-Natal, Vaughan Pillay.

The SRU team consists of two robust armed response vehicles as well as highly-trained armed response officers equipped with a unique skill-set that includes: Intelligence/surveillance training; crime trend analysis and prediction; subject profiling; counter intelligence; firearm and advanced weapon skills; SWAT training as well as education in all aspects of applicable legislation.

In addition, SRU Officers receive further training in a range of other disciplines including hand-to-hand combat; minor tactics; urban training; demolition level 1; basic survival; tunnel warfare; search and rescue; evacuation; fast roping and team leader training.

“The Durban-based SRU team has been operating for a few weeks after completing their training at the end of last month. The SRU team will not respond to alarm activations as is the case with the rest of our Durban fleet. The teams will be deployed in areas with specific modus operandi and high criminal activity. The officers will then be tasked to find and apprehend the specific culprits and mitigate any further potential risks,” adds Pillay.

Fidelity ADT is at the forefront of private security best practises throughout the country and have successfully launched similar SRU teams in cities such as Johannesburg and Cape Town.

“The SRU team is currently operating in the Westville and Kloof areas after our operations team received several reports of high criminal activities. We have already seen a difference being made thanks to the increase in visibility, vigilance and additional patrols by the team. The SRU team has been specifically deployed to serve our Durban communities and we look forward to future successes in combating crime within our district,” says Pillay.

Members of the public can contact the local Fidelity ADT Durban branch to find out more about the SRU team, as well as the Community Control Room which was implemented a few years ago to assist in effective emergency communications. “The combination of the various resources and technologies we have implemented serves as a collective effort to make a positive impact in the fight against crime,” concludes Pillay.


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