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Stand together for a safer Port Elizabeth

If the people of Port Elizabeth stand together and show their support for law enforcement and security companies, this beautiful city can be safer. A local private security company believes a partnership approach is the best option for the people of PE.

“We work closely with many neighbourhood watches and community organizations across the country, including the Eastern Cape. When the public works hand-in-hand with their local security companies and the police, there is always a positive difference and generally a much safer community,” says Fidelity ADT’s branch manager in Port Elizabeth, Ryan Britz.

One asset deployed in this province which has shown great success in terms of community engagement, is the Community Information Centre (CIC).

“The CIC serves as the cornerstone in this regard. This unique innovative security solution is based at our Port Elizabeth offices and is operated by our in-house agents who addresses all community related concerns” says Britz.

One of the CIC’s notable success stories in 2018 was the arrest of a suspect who was allegedly linked to an act of crime committed in the Western Cape. Licence plate recognition cameras monitored by the CIC team picked up the suspect’s vehicle as it entered Port Elizabeth, and alerted police.

“Every resident can easily make a huge difference to their neighbourhood by simply being observant of their surroundings, and speaking up when they see something that is out of place,” Britz says.

“Take note of any potential safety issues and raise it with your neighbours. This includes everything from broken fences, to open gates, to valuable items left unattended. The same goes for children or vulnerable members of your community – by simply caring for their safety, you can make a difference.”

If there isn’t a community safety group active in your area, Britz suggests that one should be formed.

“For those looking to start a community security group, we encourage you to call on the private security industry to assist. They have first-hand knowledge of what works having assisted other groups in the past. An integrated approach is also always more successful so perhaps find out if other groups are already active in neighbouring suburbs, and share ideas with them,” Britz advises.

“As a resident in a community, I urge everyone who wants to work towards a crime-free suburb to attend CPF meetings so your voices can be heard. By attending community meetings, reading emails and voting when called to do so, you can show support for those who have stepped up and are working towards a security solution for you and your loved ones.”

  • The CIC can be reached on 086 12 12 210 or 041 363 5136.

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