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Whether you need help with a technical problem, accessing ADT’s ‘meet and greet’ home rendezvous service, need to know what process to follow when you’re moving home, or are interested in finding out what career opportunities exist at ADT, these Frequently Asked Questions have all the information and should provide all the answers you need. Make sure to click on your region to ensure you call the correct telephone number.

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Admin/Accounts/Customer Care/CIS [Customer Information Services]

How do I update my key holder and/or personal details?

We require any changes to these details in writing. You can either e-mail,, or fax, 0860 100 034, your details to our CIS [Customer Information Services] department.

Do I need to notify you if I'm going away on holiday?

Yes, we would advise that you notify us, especially if we need to follow any special instructions while you are away. When our Control Room phones with feedback on alarm signals, they will always phone the landline first and then the cell phone number, so if we know that you are away from home, we know to contact you directly on your cell phone or any other number specified by you.

How do I upgrade my service to include notification of opening and closing signals?

We only offer this service to businesses and you can contact our CIS [Customer Information Services] department on 086 12 12 300 for more information.

Why don't I receive monthly statements?

Customers who pay their monthly fees via debit order do not receive statements, unless they specifically request it.

What are ADT's banking details?

Account name: ADT Security [Pty] Ltd. bank: First National Bank account number: 50271174663 branch code: 200209 reference: your ADT account number. Please fax, 086 12 12 305, or e-mail to, proof of payment to our Accounts department to ensure that funds are allocated as soon as possible.

Alarm System

What do I do if I have a technical problem with my alarm?

Please refer to the alarm system user guide section for more information on your alarm system. Alternatively, you can contact our Technical Servicing department on 086 12 12 300 to book a service call. Calls can be logged with our Control Room after-hours, but we suggest that calls are logged directly with the Service Department during office hours. For prompt assistance, please ensure that you have your account number available.

What do I do if I have a technical problem with my alarm system and ADT is not my installation company?

You need to contact the installation company directly, or if you do not have their contact details, you can contact our Customer Care or Technical department on 086 12 12 300, for assistance.

What are my responsibilities as a client, to ensure that my alarm is working properly?

As per the Service Agreement, we require you to test your alarm system comprehensively at least once a month to ensure that our Control Room receives all radio and/or telephone signals.

How do I test my alarm system?

Phone 086 12 12 300, outside of peak times [07:00 - 09:00 & 16:00 - 18:00] and ask for our testing line. The operator will explain the process to you.

How long before I go away on holiday do I need to test my alarm?

You need to test your alarm system at least once a month to ensure that our Control Room receives all radio and/or telephone signals. This is recommended during non-peak hours. If you are going away on holiday and you haven't been testing your alarm regularly, we advise that you test your alarm two months in advance, to prevent a delay in attending to service calls. This is especially important during our peak period in November and December, when we experience an influx of service calls.

What does the Technical Call Out fee cover?

The call out fee covers the technician's first hour of labour. Parts and/or equipment are excluded from this fee and additional labour will be charged per hour or part thereof, according to the standard company rates.

What do I do if I need a technician to attend to my problem urgently, and you don't have an appointment available on the same day during business hours?

You will be able to request an after-hours service call, which will be charged at the current after-hours rate.

Why don't you notify me when you don't receive my signals?

If your radio transmitter fails or your telephone line is faulty, no communication with ADT is possible and we will not receive any alarm signals. If you suspect that your alarm is faulty, contact our Technical Servicing department as soon as possible on 086 12 12 300 to book a service call. This is why it is extremely important to test your alarm on a regular basis to ensure that our Control Room receives all radio and/or telephone signals, and to ensure that all panic buttons are in working order.

Is it better to monitor my alarm through my telephone line or through a radio transmitter?

We encourage you to use both, as the radio transmitter will act as a back-up if the telephone line is down.

Control Room & Armed Response

What do I do if I have an emergency?

Pushing your panic button will alert our Control Room about your emergency immediately. Alternatively, you can call our Emergency line on 086 12 12 301, and supply them with your details.

Since becoming an ADT client I have had building alterations done to my premises that may hamper the Armed Response officer's inspection of my property when responding to alarm signals [high walls, electric fencing, etc.]. Who do I need to inform?

Please contact ADT on 086 12 12 300, tell them which area you stay in and ask to be transferred to your Operations Area Manager. He will arrange for a senior response officer to meet with you to inspect your premises and make recommendations where necessary.

I have dogs on my premises, do I need to notify you of this?

Yes, please notify our Customer Information Services department in writing via e-mail on or via fax on 0860 100 034. Please include your name, surname and account number and inform us if the dogs might be aggressive.

How often do ADT vehicles patrol my area?

All ADT Armed Response vehicles patrol as often as is operationally allowable between call outs and try to maintain high visibility during peak times. All vehicles are equipped with and are continually monitored through a state of the art on-line satellite tracking system.

How do I make use of the Rendezvous service?

Contact our Control Room on 086 12 12 300, at least 15 minutes prior to arriving at your premises, and request an Armed Response officer meets you there. Please remember that emergency calls will take preference, so should the response officer not be there at the agreed time or if you arrive ahead of time, please contact our Control Room to enquire when the officer will be available or ask the Control Room operator to stay on the line with you while you enter the premises.

Are ADT vehicles allowed to speed and use sirens and flashing lights when responding to signals?

ADT must comply with the Traffic Act, which prohibits the above.

What do I do if I need an additional sign board or if I need to replace my sign board?

Contact our Customer Care department on 086 12 12 300 to arrange this.

What do we do if we recently had a burglary and the insurance company requires a report?

Please send your request to our Insurance Investigator via fax to 086 12 12 305.

Guarding Services: ADT Kusela Security Services

Does ADT offer commercial and industrial guarding services?

Yes, ADT's empowerment partner Kusela Security Services offers a full range of guarding services, including permanent and casual guarding. You can contact Kusela Security Services on 086 12 12 310 for more information.

Job Opportunities

What types of jobs are available at ADT?

We have a wide spectrum of jobs available, which includes armed response, guarding and control room jobs on the operational side and data capturing and credit control on the administrative side of the business.

How do I go about applying for a job at ADT?

We advertise in all local newspapers on a regular basis. If you want more information about job opportunities, please contact our Human Resources department on 086 12 12 300, during business hours. Alternatively, you can fax a copy of your CV to 021 508 8760/1 and remember to clearly indicate which position you are applying for.

Do you provide training to new staff members?

Yes, we have a fully accredited training centre in Epping where our new armed response and control room staff go through intensive training before assuming the full responsibilities of their new position.

LSS [Localised Security Scheme]/Bicycle Patrols

What is LSS?

LSS is the deployment of additional security services, either foot patrolmen, bicycle patrolmen or dedicated Armed Response services to a designated area, by partnering with a group of residents.

How do I know if there's an LSS scheme in my area?

Contact your local ADT branch. Locate your branch on our easy to use map and you can find their contact details on the displayed page.

How do I start an LSS scheme in my area or find out more about the services offered by the LSS scheme?

Contact your local ADT branch. Locate your branch on our easy to use map and you can find their contact details on the displayed page.


I have moved into a house that has an ADT alarm system. How can I get connected to make use of your services?

Contact our reconnection coordinator in our Sales Department on 0860 100 911.

I have an alarm system and want to connect to ADT to make use of your services. How do I do this?

Contact 0860 100 911.

I want to add additional protection to my existing alarm system. Who do I contact?

Contact our alarm leads coordinator in our Sales Department on 086 12 12 300.

We require a CCTV/Access Control system for our premises. Who do we contact?

Contact our Commercial Systems department on 021 559 0034.

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