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Teamwork Leads to Thief’s Arrest

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The Fidelity ADT Monitoring Centre recently received an alarm signal at 10h00 from a business based in Macfarlabe Street in central Pietermaritzburg and immediately dispatched Armed Response Officer (ARO), Sifiso Myeni who arrived at the premises within minutes. 

“This alarm activation occurred in the middle of the morning which shows that break-ins can take place at any time of the day. It highlights the importance of ensuring your alarm is armed and that all doors and windows are locked and secured during the day, especially when you are not there,” says Fidelity ADT District Manager for KwaZulu-Natal, Ivan Govender.

ARO Myeni immediately conducted a perimeter check and soon spotted a suspect hiding under tin sheeting. The suspect attempted to flee as soon as he realised his cover had been blown and climbed up on to the roof of the building. ARO Myeni immediately called for backup whilst keeping a keen eye on the suspect.

“All of our armed response teams have the backup of supervisors and other resources on the road. These staff members are often called to assist in case of emergencies as we realise the importance of strength in numbers and the critical role it plays in the safety of our clients, community and armed response officers,” added Govender.

Backup soon arrived and a joint perimeter search was conducted on the roof of the building and surrounding units. The suspect was found and successfully apprehended on the roof of a unit three buildings away from where he had originally broken into. A bag full of stolen tools were recovered and returned to the owner. The suspect was handed over for arrest to members of the local South African Police Service (SAPS).

“We are delighted to see another thief behind bars. I would like to commend all staff members for going beyond the call of duty by investigating all the units in the area – their dedication and collective efforts ensured that the suspect didn’t get away and was apprehended,” said Govender.

Small businesses are often the target of criminals who meticulously plan their break-ins according to the business operating hours, vulnerable entry and exit points as well as security measures or the lack thereof.

“I encourage business owners to ensure that their alarms are maintained in order to make sure that everything is functioning properly. It is also important to conduct regular security assessments in order to resolve any vulnerable or unprotected areas to deter opportunistic criminals. Security technologies such as CCTV, outdoor beams and roof passives are most often used to proactively prevent crime,” concludes Govender


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