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Teamwork Results In Apprehension of Cell Phone Thief

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The recent joint teamwork between a guard of Hermanus Public Protection (HPP) and an estate guard resulted in the apprehension of a cell phone thief in the Hermanus area (HPP is a Central Improvement District initiative funded by the ratepayers of a specific area in Hermanus).

A HPP security officer, Lwando Potwana was recently on patrol near the Fernkloof Village estate when Fidelity ADT estate security officers stopped to inform him that a suspect had just fled down the road.

Officer Potwana was informed that the fleeing suspect had allegedly attacked a local domestic worker within the area and stolen her cell phone. He immediately gave chase and soon discovered the suspect in a nearby road. The suspect was successfully apprehended and handed over for arrest to members of the Hermanus South African Police Service (SAPS).

“The Fernkloof Village estate is staffed with Fidelity ADT guards and this incident highlights the great synergy between our guards and the HPP team. It is through these proactive and collective efforts that we can continue to make a positive difference in the fight against crime.” says Fidelity ADT Branch Manager for Hermanus, Marius Boshoff.

HPP is staffed and managed by Fidelity ADT.


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