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Two arrests in Gallo Manor

One of the criminals who accosted a homeowner in Gallo Manor when he was outside feeding his dogs this morning, Monday 27 May, has been apprehended and arrested thanks to the quick-thinking of Fidelity ADT Security Officer,  Solomon Moloisane.

According to the homeowner when the two suspects accosted him in his garden, they tried to strangle him. He was able to fight back and screamed for help. A neighbour, hearing his call for help, pressed his panic button and alerted Fidelity ADT.

Officer Moloisane responded and was able to identify the two suspects walking in the street. He acted immediately. Unfortunately, one of the suspects fled but the other was apprehended and handed over to the Malboro SAPS.

Aslam Munsur, Fidelity ADT Community Development Manager said he was relieved the homeowner had not sustained any injuries and that at least one of the suspects had been apprehended.

Officer Moloisane was also responsible for another arrest in the area. This time on Friday when the boom guard pressed his panic to alert Fidelity ADT that there had been a theft from a motor vehicle in the area. Officer Moloisane responded and was able to detain the suspect who had stolen a car radio from a vehicle parked on the street. The suspect was handed to Sandton SAPS.

“These two arrests send a clear message that criminals will not get away with opportunistic crime. Fortunately, in the incident today, a neighbour was around to press their panic buttons so the officers could respond quickly. It shows just how important it is to have panic buttons available and in working order. I urge all residents to make sure they test their alarm systems and panic buttons regularly,” he says.


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